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Changing Locks WHen You Move Home

If you're about to leave your current home, it's a good idea to change the locks so that the new occupants are confident that only they have access to the property. This is a simple way to maintain the security of the property for the subsequent occupants.

Likewise, if the previous occupants of your new home failed to replace the existing locks on their doors, windows, or other points of access, it may give you peace of mind to have them replaced so that you can keep tabs on exactly who has keys.

Thefts carried out without evidence of forced entry or violence often invalidated insurance claims – and in many cases, burglars gain access simply and quietly. Regularly replacing locks is a great way to prevent this kind of incident and secure your property.


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About to move in to a new property?

Our Locksmith in Stamford can check and replace the locks in your previous home as well as those in your new home.

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